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Jimmy Fallon Tries to Get Mark Ruffalo to Spoil Avengers, Again

In case you weren’t aware, Mark Ruffalo doesn’t have a great track record of keeping the plots of the Avengers movies a secret. It’s not his fault though, he’s just a sweet, sweet man far too eager and honest to withstand hardball questions like, “What happens at the end of the movie?” So, what does Jimmy Fallon do? Jimmy Fallon rents a whole polygraph and hooks our precious Mark right up to it. As Ruffalo begs for mercy, Fallon coldly uses his wicked device to try and elicit Avengers: Endgame spoilers from him. While Ruffalo stays impressively strong, Fallon does succeed in getting the actor to adorably profess his love for a Hulk doll. Folks, Mark Ruffalo is extremely cute.

Jimmy Fallon Wants Mark Ruffalo to Spoil Avengers, Again