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Jordan Klepper’s New Comedy Central Show Debuts in May

Comedian Jordan Klepper’s last Comedy Central series The Opposition may be no more, but the standout Daily Show alum returns to the network soon with a brand-new show. Announced last year, the eight-episode documentary series Klepper will feature the host away from the desk and out exploring various U.S. communities to learn about issues like veterans using wrestling to cope with PTSD, a protest of a major oil pipeline, civil disobedience in support of education for undocumented students (in which Klepper was arrested), marijuana decriminalization, Native Americans fighting for visibility, and more. Kobi Libii, who previously served as a “citizen journalist” on The Opposition, also appears in an episode in which he and Klepper head to Texas to meet two different activist groups “who use guns to get their message across.”

“When Jordan said he wanted to travel the country to explore our most pressing issues and talk to the people on the front lines fighting for change, little did we know that he would capsize a boat in the bayou or get arrested in Georgia,” said Comedy Central development execs Sarah Babineau and Jonas Larsen on the project. “But we think that his super funny, poignant, and provocative portrait of America, was (almost) worth the bodily harm and criminal record.”

“Since the end of The Opposition, I’ve spent most of my time traveling to 12 states, filming three feature-length documentaries’ worth of footage for eight episodes about impressive Americans. People who spend all of their waking moments fighting for something bigger than themselves, which is a radical departure from what I’m used to. It’s humbling and to be frank, dangerous to my health. I think I broke my foot three times, or I have gout,” Klepper told Vulture. “The point is, I was consistently moved throughout the filming of these episodes. It’d be hard not to be. If we did it right, I think the viewers of Klepper will get a snapshot of the American spirit and reaffirm that it is alive and well. Off to ice my foot.”

Check out the first trailer for the series above, and catch the rest when it debuts on Comedy Central Thursday, May 9 at 10:30 p.m.

Jordan Klepper’s New Comedy Central Show Debuts in May