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You Can Thank Jordan Peele’s Ninth Grade Class Trip for Making Him the Horror Guru He Is Today

Ahead of the premiere of his latest horror movie Us, Jordan Peele is making the late-night rounds and paying homage where homage is due. For example, big ups to the terrifying Nightmare on Elm Street poster that gave little Jordan Peele night terrors. You really kicked things off right. But if there was one defining moment that sent Jordan Peele on a decades-long journey (through the annals of comedy) to his place in horror history, it was a fateful ninth grade class trip, a scary story and a captivated audience. But what was the story? We need to know. If you went to hight school with Jordan Peele and remember his spine-tingling tale, let us know. Are we talking “The Hook?” “The Viper?” The, “Oh no, my cheek is full of baby spiders” one? What?

Jordan Peele Recalls Class Trip That Made Him Love Horror