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The Late Night Trailer Is a Heaven Where Emma Thompson Is a Late-Night Host

Emma Thompson as a late-night TV host. Are we dreaming? Is this heaven? No, but it is the first trailer for Mindy Kaling’s Sundance hit, Late Night. In it, Thompson stars as Katherine Newbury, a chat show host who’s about to get run out of her chair if she can’t deliver bigger numbers. Her writers room, meanwhile, is filled with a bunch of white dudes until Mindy Kaling arrives. She’s new. She’s a fish out of water. But will she be the one to help turn this whole thing around? It’s a strong possibility! Kaling wrote the screenplay for Late Night, which was directed by Nisha Ganatra and co-stars Ike Barinholtz, John Early, Amy Ryan, John Lithgow, and Hugh Dancy.

Late Night Trailer: Emma Thompson Is the Host of Your Dreams