Mark Hamill Will Put That Creepy Voice to Good Use in Child’s Play

Photo: Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images

Best Joker ever Mark Hamill will be the new voice of Chucky in the remake of Child’s Play. Hamill made the announcement via video message at WonderCon, staring into audience members’ very souls. Hamill’s voice career is legendary. He’s voiced characters in the DCU, the Scooby-Doo-verse, and Kingdom Hearts. The new Child’s Play movie stars Aubrey Plaza as the mom who brings a new, AI-infused Chucky into her home. Shock of all shockers, it doesn’t go well! This Child’s Play is not affiliated with the Chucky series coming to Syfy. That series is helmed by original creator Don Mancini, who’s less-than-stoked about the Hamill version. It’s a shame, because nothing would be better than a Chucky vs. Chucky showdown.

Mark Hamill Is the New Chucky in Child’s Play Remake