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Marvel’s Runaways Renewed for Yet Another Telepathic Dinosaur-Filled Season at Hulu

Photo: Greg Lewis/Hulu

The living dinosaur to whom you are psychically bonded for the rest of your life knows what you want, which is why she did you a solid and got Hulu to renew Marvel’s Runaways for a third season on Sunday. The platform’s renewal announcement video featured plenty of the show’s Old Lace, a genetically engineered raptor with a mental link to Gert Yorkes, played by Ariela Barer.

Unlike Runaways’ 13-episode second season, which premiered back in December, the show’s third season will feature ten episodes. Old Lace can probably get those numbers up a little higher, though, just as soon as she figures out how to open the front door to Hulu’s corporate headquarters.

Runaways Renewed for Telepathic Dinosaur-Filled Season 3