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New Mickey Mouse Cartoon Weighs In on the Pluto vs. Goofy Paradox

It’s a question that’s been debated in forums, by comics, and in Stand By Me. If Goofy and Pluto are both dogs, why does Goofy stand up and live in a house and wear clothes? Or more importantly, if all animals are anthropomorphic to some extent in the Disney universe, why does Mickey keep Pluto naked with a collar in his backyard? Is it some weird sex thing? A new, official Mickey Mouse cartoon by Paul Rudish further muddied the debate with this scene:

Photo: Disney

In the words of Homer Simpson, “They’re DOGS, and they’re playing POKER!” More specifically, many dogs from many Disney movies are all playing poker together. Goofy, who can talk, is there. But so are Pluto are Nana, who can’t talk. The Tramp and that one that looks drunk are there too, and they can talk but only when humans aren’t around. Goofy is wearing gloves, one of the most human things you can do. Does that mean he doesn’t understand Pongo when he barks? Furthermore, Pluto barks out advice for Mickey later in the scene. That implies that Pluto could argue for a better, more clothed life if he wanted to. So what the entire fuck is going on, Disney? The internet demands answers.

Mickey Mouse Cartoon Weighs In on the Pluto-Goofy Paradox