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MoviePass Is Back From the Dead With a New Unlimited Subscription Plan

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Remember last spring when MoviePass let you walk in and out of Cineplexes like you owned the place, seeing movie after movie for a bargain-basement price? Before all that bad press hit and class-action lawsuits were filed? Well, the ticket-subscription service hopes you’re looking back on those days fondly, and that you’ll be willing to give it another chance. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the company is coming back with another unlimited subscription plan, called “Uncapped,” for just $9.95 per month. Yes, the old “movie a day” model for just about $10, but there’s a catch. (Obviously!) To access Uncapped at the current rate you have to subscribe for a full year in advance, and it’s also a limited-time offer. Once it expires, the plan will rise to $19.95 per month, which, if you use it to make a regular habit of hitting the theater, is still a pretty great per-screening average. And unless you’re grandfathered into the company’s tiered pricing plans — Select, All Access, and Red Carpet — MoviePass will no longer be offering them to new customers. What we need to know, though, is what’s happening with that Bruce Willis movie?

MoviePass Reemerges With a New Unlimited Subscription Plan