Oh No, Arcade Fire Covered Dumbo’s ‘Baby Mine’ and Now You’re Going to Cry Big Ol’ Elephant Tears

Whether you have a baby or ever were a baby, chances are you can immediately call to mind Dumbo’s “Baby Mine,” a heart-breaking lullaby that underscores the special little elephant’s visit to his mom (referred to as Mrs. Jumbo!!!) after she is separated from her son and locked away. As if that isn’t enough to tug on those old, dust-covered heartstrings, you may also recall that the scene features a whole menagerie of circus animals snoozing with their respective offspring. Well, Disney is clearly hoping to decimate you and/or your children once again with their upcoming Dumbo remake, which premieres March 29, as the film’s latest teaser features Arcade Fire’s rendition of “Baby Mine.” Is a lonely baby elephant more or less tragic in CGI? You’ll have to compare and contrast to see.

New Dumbo Teaser Features Arcade Fire’s ‘Baby Mine’ Cover