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Nicole Richie Is Returning to Her True Calling, Goofy TV Comedies

Nicole Richie. Photo: Amanda Edwards/WireImage

While Vulture and Tina Fey continue to mourn the loss of Great News, we still have to smile and be thankful for those 4 p.m. news gods, because it blessed us with surprise comedy natural Nicole Richie. And now our gal is back on primetime! According to THR, Richie will be starring alongside Thomas Lennon in the new Fox comedy Richard Lovely, where she’ll be playing the publicist of Lennon’s “disgruntled children’s author” character. Specifically, Richie is a “high-functioning millennial” who’s the opposite of her boss in just about every way, and has to step in to spin the hell out of a “publicity fiasco” that comes along to tarnish his reputation. THR also reports that her role was originally written in a supporting capacity, but after a table read, the show’s producers upgraded her to a lead.

As to how Richie originally got in the orbit of Fey’s Great News without previous comedy experience — sorry, The Simple Life isn’t comedy — Fey explained she sought Richie out because of her natural, witty aura. “She’s so funny, she’s so at ease,” she said at the time. “You can’t teach that. People either have it or they don’t. I’ve always found her to be a funny, likable person.” Richie had to audition three times, and the rest is history. “The second I read the script, I said to myself, ‘This is something I would love to do, this is really funny,’” Richie added. “I like making people laugh.”

Nicole Richie Is Returning to Her True Calling, TV Comedies