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The Birds in Netflix’s New Nature Doc Are Some Big Ole Freaks

There is truly so much we don’t know about wild animals, including and especially how they seduce each other. While we’re stuck using Tinder, friends of friends, and crowded bars with lame playlists, the exotic birds in Netflix’s new nature series Our Planet have some breathtaking mating rituals: One male bird in Papua New Guinea tickles a female bird’s face, another makes sure his corner of the jungle is immaculate before a lady will even look his way. Per Netflix: “Remote cameras were used to give a female perspective of the parotia’s display. This perspective revealed aspects that were unknown — like the yellow eye change — and the true impact of the male’s iridescent throat patch.”

See these birds bump and grind and freak — not to mention change their eye color, tickle one another’s faces, and do this weird mating dance — when all eight hour-long episodes of Our Planet debut on April 5.

The Birds in Netflix’s New Nature Doc Are Big Ole Freaks