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The Queer Eye Season 3 Trailer and Its Emotional Gut-Punches Are Here

Photo: Netflix

The Queer Eye season-three trailer just dropped, and it packs an optimistic punch so strong it will keep you bouncing all week. The Fab Five are back and ready to change more lives on March 15, and according to the teaser, the gang will make over their first lesbian and their first duo this season.

Since we last saw them, the Fab Five have certainly kept busy. Culture guru Karamo Brown started a line of bomber jackets so that we can all dress like him. Resident foodie Antoni Porowski  (or “foodie,” depending on who you ask) reopened the diner Village Den in the West Village. Bobby Berk designed a line of furniture for A.R.T. Tan France is hosting the Audie Awards for audiobooks tonight. And Jonathan Van Ness, in between tending to his luscious locks and mustache (both of which look as styled as ever in the trailer), wrote a memoir that’s due this fall. The title? Over the Top, of course.

If this season is anything like the trailer promises, you will get choked up almost immediately. “It took me my whole life to realize it’s beautiful and sexy to care for yourself,” you can hear one hero say in the clip. “I went from being this lost teenager to being … a fierce queen,” the voice continues.

The trailer also features the usual excited shrieking, tears, and JVN snapping and saying “ab-so-lute-ly-not.” Only 11 days to go!

Watch the trailer below.

The Queer Eye Season 3 Trailer Is Here