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Aladdin Trailer: Now It’s Live-Action, With a Rapping Genie and a Whole Lot of Vests

Welcome to a whole new old world! After oh so many teasers, Disney has released a full-length trailer for its live-action remake of Aladdin. There’s Mena Massoud (who you can get reacquainted with here) as an Aladdin with a real commitment to undershirts; Marwan Kenzari’s new hot Jafar; Naomi Scott’s Jasmine; and of course Will Smith as the big, blue genie, who, thankfully, won’t be blue the whole time. In this trailer, we get a little more of the plot of Aladdin, which you probably already know, as well as the singing, with hints of Will Smith rapping “Friend Like Me” and of course a more traditional take on “A Whole New World” (show us the new songs, Disney!). Guy Ritchie directed the remake, which will arrive in theaters May 24. Watch the teaser that aired during the Super Bowl below.

Aladdin Trailer: A Rapping Genie and a Whole Lot of Vests