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Cecily Strong Needs an Emmy for Jeanine Pirro, Queen of the SNL Chair Flips

Jeanine Pirro is horny. Horny for Donald Trump, closed borders, and high-profile federal investigations striking her enemies. She’s so horny for drama that when presented with some breaking intel, her reaction kind of mirrors what it’s like to experience a really powerful vibrator for the first time. Or rather, (1) Scream, (2) Fall off a chair, and (3) Do it all over again. “Momma’s got one volume, and it’s three Chardonnays deep at a crowded party,” she insists. “I just got so damn excited about Trump unleashed. Whoa momma!” No Cecily Strongs were injured in the making of this clip. Take note, Emmys.

Give Cecily Strong an Emmy for Her SNL Jeanine Pirro Flip