John Mulaney and Seth Meyers Talk About the Stefon Movie That Never Got Made

Bill Hader and Seth Meyers on SNL. Photo: NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Saturday Night Live movies just don’t happen these days as often as they used to, but for a brief moment several years ago, there was a tiny glimmer of hope that we might see Bill Hader as celebrated New York nightclub expert Stefon Meyers on the big screen. Speaking to Fast Company in 2014, Hader revealed that he and writer John Mulaney ultimately decided to turn down making a Stefon movie for Paramount, because “in our mind, it never worked as a sketch. It was a nice thing that lived on Weekend Update, and it should probably only live on SNL and that’s that.”

While we probably won’t ever see Stefon get the movie treatment, that doesn’t mean that Hader, Mulaney, and Seth Meyers didn’t have some good ideas for it. In a preview clip from the upcoming episode of the Late Night With Seth Meyers Podcast, Mulaney and Meyers briefly get into what the beginning of the Stefon movie would look like — and it includes Seth in a body bag.

“The only thing I wanted to have happen in that movie — and maybe it was Bill’s idea — was that I wanted, in the first scene, to agree to go out with Stefon. And then a superfast cut of us at all the clubs, and then I was then zipped into a body bag … and then it would pan up to Stefon saying, ‘He’s dead.’ And that would be it,” Meyers says, explaining the quick and easy way they planned to write him out so that Stefon could have a new love interest. But Mulaney had a slightly different take: “I had no problem violating your real life as an individual who was engaged and married and you had a girlfriend and fiancée, and we paid no mind to that,” he says. “I believe in the movie you would fully end up together.”

The Stefon movie may have never materialized, but at least Mulaney and Meyers have given us plenty of Stefon scenarios to fantasize about.

Mulaney and Meyers Remember the Stefon Movie That Never Was