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SNL’s Spiritual Sequel to ‘Diner Lobster’ Is All About Bodega Bathrooms

Just when you thought nobody could be as foolish as that starving customer ordering a decades-old crustacean at a diner, in comes the same guy, rife with a bathroom emergency, forcing himself to use a bodega bathroom. Make a wish. Hold your breath. Maybe put a black light to it. It is … horrifying. He might even be the first person to willingly use the bathroom who wasn’t a dog giving birth. The creepy bodega man can, and did, let the bathroom get that disgusting over the years, which obviously results in a surprisingly poignant musical melody about the bathroom’s life and death. Who knows, maybe you’ll have a heart and buy the bodega at the end of it.

SNL Gives Us John Mulaney Spiritual Sequel to Diner Lobster