Watch the Best Video From Solange’s Film in All Its Solo, Booty-Shaking Splendor

A couple weeks ago, Solange gave us the gift of all the Solange, releasing a companion film to her new album, When I Get Home. Unfortunately at the time it was an Apple Music exclusive, so you might’ve missed it. But Solange just keeps on giving: She’s gradually broken out some of the individual music videos on YouTube and today we get the best of the bunch, “Binz.” Sure, you could get swept up in the cinematic, high-art moments of the film (some of it was directed by Terence Nance; stuff gets surreal) orrrr you could get swept up in the cinematic, high art moments of Solange filming herself on her selfie cam having a private dance party. You could be mesmerized by the rest of the film’s yeehaw agenda or you could be equally mesmerized by Solange twerking in various living rooms, on walls, in the dark, all over really. If you want to watch Solange feeling herself to the highest power, watch this video and count your blessings to be alive at the same time as the Knowles women.

Watch the Best Video From Solange’s Film, Now on YouTube