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Just Wanted to Take Another Look at You, Sterling K. Brown’s Jackson Maine Impression

Sterling K. Brown just saw A Star Is Born — that is to say, he’s been Born-ed — and like a babe fresh from the womb (of Bradley Cooper?) he’s ready to share his gospel. On the red carpet of PaleyFest, Brown shared his Jackson Maine impression with his wife Ryan Michelle Bathe and Access Hollywood. He drops his voice approximately a dozen octaves and starts riffing on Jackson Maine’s verse in “Shallow.” He’s not downing a gin on the rocks or gazing deeply into Lady Gaga’s eyes, but he’s still breaking a million hearts. “I told Ry, I said, ‘If you win a BET award I’m gonna sit on the edge [of the stage], on the steps like, Did she win?’” Brown recounted, doing his best Jackson Maine drunk-at-the-Grammys bit. Congratulations, Bradley Cooper — this is better than any little gold man!

Sterling K. Brown’s Jackson Maine Impression Is a Must-See