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Stranger Things Season 3 Trailer: Nothing Is Scarier Than Being a Teenager

In case you were worried the kids of Hawkins hadn’t been through enough yet, it’s finally here: their teen years. Netflix’s freshly released trailer for the third season of Stranger Things catches our now officially-old-enough-for-YA heroes on summer break. But it quickly becomes clear that this won’t be a vacation when Mike announces in a startling tenor: “We’re not kids anymore.” Truly, they grow up so fast. And while there’s plenty of 80’s throwbacks to thrill us: scrunchies! Malls! Smoking in restaurants! There’s also, you know, a giganitc, grotesque, pulsating monster. Though, still not as terrifying as what looks to be a political sub-plot of some kind.

Stranger Things Enters Teenage Wasteland Territory