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Taika Waititi Travels to the Future to Bring You Apple’s Time Bandits TV Show

Taika Waititi. Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

When you need to adapt a film that’s equal parts Lord of the Rings and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, strained through a Monty Python cheesecloth, Taika Waititi seems like just the man for the job. According to Deadline, the What We Do in the Shadows director is onboard to co-write and direct the pilot of Apple’s TV-series adaptation of Time Bandits. The 1981 Terry Gilliam fantasy film follows the story of a little boy named Kevin who, naturally, finds himself journeying throughout human history with a cadre of tiny time-travelers, encountering the star power of Gilliam’s fellow Pythons John Cleese and Michael Palin, not to mention Shelley Duvall and Sean Connery. The travelers are incessantly plagued by the dastardly Supreme Being, a role which seems like it has Jeff Goldblum written all over it.

Taika Waititi Travels to the Future to Give You Time Bandits