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Vampire Weekend Releases Most Upper West Side Music Video of All Time

Vampire Weekend has released the music video for the latest single, “Sunflower,” off its upcoming Father of the Bride album, and Jonah Hill is behind the camera. The video features Ezra Koenig and the Internet guitarist Steve Lacy making their way through a split-screen vision of Upper West Side grocery and sturgeon institutions Zabar’s and Barney Greengrass, slicing lox behind the counter and running into Jerry Seinfeld in the process. Mid90s director and scumbro fashion plate Hill washes the whole thing out and spins the camera in helical loops to relieve us of even a whiff of the Nora Ephron of it all. Seinfeld gamely mugs and smirks at the camera in a way that feels like whatever the opposite of ASMR is. Hill also directed the music video for the first lead single off their new album, Harmony Hall, which — with its slo-mo shots of Koenig making pancakes — presumably takes place after these grocery shopping scenes in the grander scheme of the Hill-Koenig cinematic timeline. The full album is out May 3.

Vampire Weekend Releases Most Upper West Side Music Video