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Conan: Judd Apatow Shares Beyoncé & Jay-Z’s Favorite Knocked Up Scene

Bey and Jay are huge Knocked Up fans. Who knew? Judd Apatow stopped by Conan to tell the story of when he met both Jay-Z and Beyoncé. Apatow and his wife Leslie Mann went to the On the Run tour, and got in VIP, like you do. “Jay-Z walks in the room, and he walks straight to me,” Apatow told O’Brien. “And he goes ‘Oh my God, Knocked Up! That scene where your wife goes “Doorman, doorman, doorman!” That’s my favorite scene of all time!’” Jay then asked Apatow and Mann to stay and meet Beyoncé, who gushed at the couple about the same scene until Jon Favreau stole Bey away. Now this begs the question: which is a weirder comedy deep cut from Jay-Z: Doorman doorman doorman or the sample of Blades of Glory in that Watch the Throne song?

Watch: Beyoncé & Jay-Z Are Knocked Up Superfans