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John Mulaney and Pete Davidson Graced The Tonight Show With Their Love

John Mulaney is hosting Saturday Night Live this week, which works out great because that’s where his best friend Pete Davidson works. The fellas have been touring the country together, dressing in each other’s clothes, and generally being pals. Jimmy Fallon inserted one of his contrived little games into the very natural and organic friendship, having the boys play a round of True Confessions. In the game, one person reads a prewritten statement that may be a truth or may be a lie. The other two get to interrogate him and decide whether it is or is not a True Confession. “It’s freaking me out,” said Davidson, “because [Mulaney’s] voice is what interrogation is.” It’s true, John Mulaney sounds like if an episode of Dragnet owned a French bulldog. Don’t you love when friends can razz on each other? The best part is Davidson’s confession: He and Lorne Michaels went to Jamaica together for New Year’s. Quoth Mulaney: “I … really want that to be a lie.”

Watch John Mulaney and Pete Davidson Play True Confessions