You Star Elizabeth Lail Will Remain in Danger for the Horror Movie Countdown

Elizabeth Lail. Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Trouble just manages to find some people, and one of those people is Elizabeth Lail. Netflix subscribers across the land last year know her as the object of Penn Badgley’s affection in the stalker drama You. And because she was so good at being in peril, Lail will now star in the upcoming horror movie Countdown, according to Variety. This time, though, her aggressor will not be an obsessive bookstore clerk who fancies himself a romantic. Instead it will be an app that lets her know when she’s going to die — and it’s only three days from the time she checks the app. She must then figure out how to not die, and she must do so while “a mysterious figure haunts her,” which is a real Elizabeth Lail specialty.

You Star Elizabeth Lail Will Lead Horror Movie Countdown