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Amy Sedaris Shares Some Important Updates About Her Rabbit Tina

During her visit to last night’s Late Night With Seth Meyers, the wonderful Amy Sedaris brought some true Easter and 4/20 synergy to television by sharing a few updates about her beloved rabbit Tina. Perhaps the biggest news is that, after four years of assuming that Tina was a lady, she recently found out that her pampered pet is, in fact, a boy. “It’s really different at home now,” Sedaris tells Meyers. “Very interesting to have a male rabbit.” Other updates include a startling discovery about what Tina did to the carpet underneath Sedaris’s bed while Sedaris was sleeping (“Does that mean she’s just loose at night?” “Now, now, Seth, no judgment!”), and the key to getting Tina to calm down to clip her nails: marijuana. “I don’t blow it in his face, I just kind of blow it around, and then Tina just completely relaxes.” Same.

Amy Sedaris Shares Some Important Updates on Her Rabbit Tina