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Andrew Garfield Learns About A Giant Pop Culture Conspiracy In This Under The Silver Lake Clip

Under the Silver Lake is a mystery wrapped in a mystery. The highly anticipated movie, from It Follows writer and director David Robert Mitchell, premiered at Cannes last year and was supposed to come out in the summer, but it was pushed and then pushed again to this weekend. The plot of Silver Lake is also a mystery. Andrew Garfield plays Sam, an unmotivated 30-something living in Los Angeles whose life gets a whole lot weirder after a woman named Sarah (Riley Keough) drifts in and out of his life. When Sarah goes missing, Sam goes in search of her and ends up on a strange trip across L.A. that’s filled with bizarre characters and hidden messages. In the new clip above, Sam discovers that there have been secret codes embedded in some of the most iconic pop culture landmarks in his life. Cue the Backstreet Boys. (Under The Silver Lake is in select theaters on April 19 and available on demand April 23.)

Andrew Garfield Stars in New Clip From Under the Silver Lake