Please Enjoy This Joke From Anthony Jeselnik’s New Comedy Special

Anthony Jeselnik heads to Netflix later this month with the debut of his new stand-up comedy special Fire in the Maternity Ward, and we have the very first sneak peek of it right here. Thanks to this clip, you can enjoy one (1) joke from the special, in which Jeselnik shares a story about a 90-year-old man who lives next door and knocks on his door every morning. We don’t want to explain the joke any more than that — the clip is only a minute long, so just watch the thing — but we’ll leave you with this quote Jeselnik offered about the special last month: “It’s gonna be the best special you see in 2019, even if you go back and watch other comedy specials from previous years. And I invite you to watch other comedy specials if just for the comparison. You can’t really tell how tall a giant is unless you see him standing next to someone average.” Fire in the Maternity Ward makes its Netflix debut on Tuesday, April 30.

Please Enjoy This Joke From Anthony Jeselnik’s New Special