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Arya Stark Stops By Kimmel With a Message for All the Various Todds Who Doubt Her Skill

There’s no easy way to explain what narratively-crucial fight scene Arya Stark crushed during Sunday’s Game of Thrones episode without spoiling one of the series’ climactic moments, but even without the details, you can imagine how the character might feel if she knew some people on the internet felt she couldn’t have done the thing that she did in the fictional fantasy show populated by dragons and an army of inhuman winter warriors. However! The Game of Thrones cast stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday night for another installment of Game of Phones, and Arya did get to share a message for the haters. The message is “I know where you live, and I’ll be happy to add you to my list.” Don’t tempt HBO into making a spin-off where Arya just hunts down people on Twitter, Todd. They’ll do it. They’re crazy like that.

Arya Stark Stops By Kimmel With a Message for Her Doubters