Understandably, Mark Ruffalo Did Not Know Brie Larson Was Also in 13 Going on 30

Mark Ruffalo Photo: Marvel Studios

Have you ever had the experience of telling someone about something that happened, and then they say, “I know, I was there”? That’s embarrassing. I’m personally more often on the other side of the conversation, to be honest. In fact, I once had a job for several months during which I spoke to no one, and now, when any of my former co-workers mention the workplace, I say, “Funnily enough, I also worked there then.” They’re always shocked. Anyway, this is all to say that Mark Ruffalo had no idea Brie Larson was in 13 Going on 30, a movie in which he starred alongside Jennifer Garner.

Ruffalo learned of his past with his current Avengers:Endgame co-star while on the red carpet of that film’s world premiere, doing one of those red-carpet interviews (“How does it feel to know the movie is coming out? Did you like doing the movie? How do your kids feel about seeing dad in the movie?”) that really crystallize how terrible it must be to be famous (in some ways). During the interview he was presented with a still of Brie Larson in 13 Going on 30.

“She was a mean girl! Oh my God, that’s amazing,” Ruffalo said. “Wow, I didn’t know that!” He clarified that they did not work together during filming — Larson appeared during the ’80s flashback (“13”) portion of the film, and Ruffalo appeared in the modern-day portion (“30”).

It might be helpful to remember this the next time you accidentally, for example, tell someone a piece of gossip that they heard for the first time while you stood next to them at a party, hearing it yourself. At least you weren’t surprised with the information while on the red carpet for the movie from which you’re going to make like $1,000 billion. Whew!

Mark Ruffalo Had No Idea Brie Larson Was in 13 Going on 30