Celebrate Your Tax Day Exhaustion With James Adomian’s Bernie Sanders Impersonation

Well, it’s April 15, which means if you haven’t done your taxes yet and don’t plan on skipping them altogether, you’ve got a whole lot of work to complete today. Thanks to a new video from James Adomian, though, you don’t have to cram your taxes all by yourself today — you can do it in solidarity with former and current presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, who has ten years’ worth of tax returns to complete at the last minute. (“‘Gain or loss from gambling’? Does the 2016 primary count?”) Unfortunately for Bernie, there’s a small problem: He’s made a good amount of money over those past ten years and is coming to terms with the unavoidable fact that he’s now a millionaire. “We sold too many of these goddamn books; that’s why I’m rich!” he says. “Twenty-two percent? They are not taxing me at a high enough rate. Jane, is there any way we can pay the alternative maximum tax?!”

Celebrate Tax Day With James Adomian’s Bernie Sanders