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Bounce: A How-to Guide for Abandoning Your Family

Featured Funny Video: Bounce

Once again, it’s that time of year. Spring. The season when flowers bloom, hope begins anew, and you hightail it to New York City, leaving your wife and new baby behind with nothing more than a note that reads, “Had to bounce. Wasnt feelin [sic] it .”

Oh, that’s what this short is about? That sounds awful, right? More sad than funny? Well, yes. Sort of. And that’s the beauty of it.

Writer-performer Wes Haney’s work is so surprisingly dark that it’s hilarious — an assault on our expectations of what a funny video should be. That’s Haney’s brand, and here, it’s executed to perfection. If comedy is best summed up as a break in the expected, Haney is a master. He’s totally undeterred by jackknifing narratives that make us laugh in spite of their subject matter, not because of it.

Shout-out to director Doron Max Hagay and cinematographer Whit Conway for creating such a believable world, and to co-stars Annie Donley and Joey Dundale for playing the perfectly oblivious fulcrums.

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Bounce: A How-to Guide for Abandoning Your Family