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Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga Might — Might! — Reunite Ally and Jackson for a Live Star Is Born Event

Photo: Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images

A Star Is Born will live forever; A Star Is Born will never die! After the encore rerelease and the “Shallow” performance at the Oscars, it looks like actor, director, and Lady Bird stan Bradley Cooper has one more trick up his sleeve. Per Entertainment Tonight, on Thursday’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ellen asked Cooper if he’d consider getting music’s second-most-famous couple back together again? Maybe on a tour perhaps? “I mean, no,” Cooper told Ellen, breaking at least one heart (mine). “But what I thought would be a cool thing to do, maybe one night, would be like a live reading of the script and sing all the songs as we read the script, like at the Hollywood Bowl or something.”

A script reading at the Hollywood Bowl? Okay, Bradley Cooper, but only if we get absolutely everything: The “Shallow” scream, the Grammys golden shower, pastor Eddie Griffin, supermarket cashier Luenell, the drag electrical-tape eyebrows, all those fuckin’ compliments, and an hour of “Scene 98” at minimum. Take out your Beauty Blender and start putting on your Jackson Maine bronzer, sir!

Bradley Cooper Might — Might! — Host Live Star Is Born Event