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George Clooney, Christopher Abbott, Other Assorted Hotties Caught in Hulu’s Catch-22 Trailer

George Clooney has caught Christopher Abbott in a Catch-22. Literally: In the adaptation of the Joseph Heller novel that you definitely read junior year of high school, a U.S. Air Force bombardier (Abbott) becomes increasingly confused by and frustrated with the bureaucracy that governs his World War II base. Somehow, some way, the number of missions he must complete to finish out his service is always increasing! Alongside him are a coterie of White Boys of the Month™: Home Again’s Pico Alexander and Jon Rudnitsky, A Star Is Born’s Rafi Gavron, plus perma-babes Kyle Chandler, Hugh Laurie, and Clooney himself. Stream Catch-22 on Hulu May 17.

Trailer: Clooney Catches Christopher Abbott in a Catch-22