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Cher Is Not Amused With Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Terrible’ Cher Impression

Halfway through Jimmy Fallon’s interview with Cher, late night’s resident chipper chap decided to eschew questions, conjure up a contralto in his pipes, and serenade her to the third-best song on Mamma Mia 2’s soundtrack, “Fernando.” She appreciated the impression effort; she really did! But the execution? Well … “It was terrible,” Cher said. “But I don’t mind it because I’ve never heard anybody that did a really good one. They make some noises and facial expressions and I try to find myself in there, and it’s so much bullshit.” Kind of awkward, especially when you realize she was promoting The Cher Show alongside the three women playing her.

Cher Is Not Amused With Fallon’s ‘Terrible’ Cher Impression