coachella 2019

Please Prove Your Devotion to Kacey Musgraves by Salvaging Her Yeehaw Chant

Photo: VALERIE MACON/AFP/Getty Images

A basic communication error thwarted noted gay icon Kacey Musgraves’ attempt at a call-and-repeat yeehaw chant during her Coachella performance yesterday afternoon, and, after watching the clip again and again and again, we’re still not sure what went wrong. Was she suppose to begin the yee? Was the haw ever in play? Did everyone just really want to say haw? Or was the yee the friends we made along the way? Whatever, just let her parting words follow you around all day in its place: “I didn’t say fucking yee!” We’re going to need that needle-pointed on a pillow, next to another one that says welcome to the yee yee club, bitch.

We Must Salvage This Yeehaw Chant From Kacey Musgraves