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The Most Australian Moments From Conan’s Trip to Australia

TBS aired its latest Conan Without Borders segment last night — this time in Australia — and in addition to learning some helpful local slang, Conan O’Brien also took time to hang out with some Australian wildlife. In the above clip from the special, O’Brien checks out some kangaroos and emus, learns that echidnas have four-pronged penises, and also comes face-to-face with a supposedly fearsome wombat (“You look like you’re looking for your missing car keys”) and sleepy, adorable koala. In case you missed it, check out some more clips from the special below, including this segment where O’Brien meets up with the guys from Bondi Rescue not to actually learn what it takes to be a Bondi Beach lifeguard but just to get a really cool montage where he looks like one:

Or this clip, where O’Brien heads to the Australian bush to get some survival tips, learn about deadly spiders, and get all the necessary supplies he needs for a cup of tea:

Or this clip, where O’Brien plays football — Australian style, obviously — with the Sydney Swans. If you’re at all familiar with O’Brien’s athletic ability, you probably can guess how this turns out:

Team Coco also released O’Brien’s extended interview with indigenous rapper and activist Briggs about his work to change perceptions of what indigenous artists can be and achieve. “Of course my opinion carries no weight here,” O’Brien says. “If you spread the word that Conan thinks Briggs is the future, you could be done here.”

Last but not least, here’s a clip of O’Brien performing stand-up in Sydney. It includes O’Brien singing “You Shook Me All Night Long,” because O’Brien’s not about to get onstage without bringing his band and guitar along for a little jam session.

The Most Australian Moments From Conan’s Trip to Australia