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Debra Messing Would Love to Be Impersonated on ‘Snatch Game’

You just need a good red wig. Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Who doesn’t want to be impersonated by a drag queen? At the opening night of Tootsie on Broadway at the Marquis Theatre, Torch Song Trilogy playwright Harvey Fierstein, who was impersonated last week on RuPaul’s Drag Race’s “Snatch Game” by camp queen Nina West, showed up and gushed about West’s take (he also tweeted about it). Fierstein admitted that he’s “watched every single RuPaul’s Drag Race performance” and that his friend Bianca Del Rio’s Judge Judy may take the cake: “I should just say her; don’t wanna get in trouble with the bitch.”

Turns out Debra Messing is a fan too. Swooping into Fierstein for a hug, she exclaimed, “He’s a legend. A legend!” as the theater-maker caught her up on our Drag Race banter. Would she want a queen to play her on “Snatch Game”? “Oh, are you kidding? Yes!” she said. “That would be the highest honor.”

So what would a drag queen need in order to perfect an unmissable Messing? “I think you need a big red wig, a curly red wig, right?” The Will & Grace star said. “I think you’d need to make the eyes really big and round. And hopefully I am dressed fierce!” She left it to us to get the word out on the idea. “You work on that for me, okay?”

Debra Messing Would Love to Be Impersonated on ‘Snatch Game’