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Emilia Clarke Would Like Kit Harington to Stop Complaining About His Working Conditions

Hell no, the Mother of Dragons isn’t going to sit here while some schmuck named Kit Harington claims to have the worst Game of Thrones filming schedule of all time. He’s a little chilly in his Icelandic climate? Annoyed he has to wear a heavy cloak that doubles as an ab cruncher? Boo-hoo. Emilia Clarke just has to laugh! “It’s cold weather in Iceland. There are short filming hours,” she said on The Tonight Show about Harington’s complaints. “Whereas I’m in a quarry in Malta in 100-degree heat, passing out every single season because I have two sets of hair on my head. Kit is always complaining that he’s got it worst, and he’s definitely got it better. He’s drinkin’ by 2 p.m. because there’s only two hours of daylight. We’re in a quarry until 11 p.m. being like, ‘Go down sun, go down; I’m hot!’” Knowing that Clarke’s final scene “fucked” her up, maybe it did take place in a quarry.

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Emilia Clarke Would Like Kit Harington to Stop Complaining