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Glenn Close Is Finally Ready to Read You Her Notre-Dame Story

glenn close
Glenn Close, poet and queen of our hearts! Photo: Glenn Close/Instagram

Glenn Close has lost seven — seven! — Oscars, but there’s got to be an award we can give her for successfully uploading a tender poem to Instagram. Devastated by the fire that ravaged some of the Notre-Dame Cathedral’s roof and medieval wooden interior, Close first attempted to upload a poem she wrote 17 years ago about the cathedral on Instagram on Tuesday. (That, for reasons that are unclear but probably include her forgetting to press record, did not work out.)

Two days later, she’s back with the full poem: “Two days ago as we all watched Notre-Dame burning, I sat at home feeling unprotected, feeling strangely untethered. I went to find this piece that I wrote 17 years ago when all the headlines were full of the confrontation between Pakistan and India and how it was going to lead us into a nuclear war,” she begins. The poem is about seeking peace in one of the world’s most famous cathedrals, and reading about suffering and despair every day. Watch Close read the full piece below:

Glenn Close Is Finally Ready to Read You Her Notre-Dame Poem