Grease Prequel in Development As If ‘Summer Nights’ Didn’t Already Do That Job

Tell me more? Photo: Paramount Pictures

Before the events of Grease, there’s that whole summer where Danny and Sandy meet each other on the beach and had a nice time, which is explained in the song “Summer Nights” and will apparently be explained again in a movie Paramount is developing. Per The Hollywood Reporter, the studio’s Paramount Players division is working with John August, who wrote Big Fish and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, to write a story that “is said to tackle that fateful meeting.” The project’s called Summer Lovin’ and we guess it’ll finally answer the questions posed by the song like how much dough he spent and whether it was love at first sight and “did she put up a fight?” — oh god, this sounds worse and worse the more you get into it.

Grease Prequel In The Works Despite ‘Summer Nights’ Existing