Jake Gyllenhaal Will Journey Across America in Lake Success Adaptation for HBO

Photo: Julien Hekmian/Getty Images

We know Jake Gyllenhaal excels when given the chance to play narcissistic, self-deluded characters who are “hilariously divorced from the real world,” all of which describes the main at the center of Lake Success, a book by Gary Shteyngart that’s being adapted as a series for HBO. According to Variety, Gyllenhaal’s Nine Stories banner will produce the show, with the actor himself serving as both star and executive producer. Shteyngart will co-write the script and serve as showrunner with Tom Spezialy, and the narrative will follow Gyllenhaal’s character, Barry Cohen, as he leaves behind an SEC investigation, his hedge fund job, wife, and autistic son to bus across America in pursuit of his college girlfriend. With Barry out of the picture, his wife has to hold it together for their child and also embarks on her own new love affair. Let’s hope Gyllenhaal gets to break down in a hysterical panic at least three times.

Jake Gyllenhaal to Star in Lake Success Adaptation for HBO