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Garth Brooks, of All People, Convinced James Taylor to Do a Las Vegas Residency

Photo: Gary Gershoff/2014 Getty Images

Is Vegas ready for the gaudy insanity and onstage theatrics of (checks notes) James Taylor? It would appear Taylor is walking down that lonesome road to Caesars Palace, where his 12-date residency begins April 17. “Garth Brooks recommended that I give it a try,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “He thought I’d love it.” This was not an easy decision for Taylor to make, as Vegas was a place for sellouts and easy-listening acts when he was coming up on the scene. “I was a Vegas snob forever, for sure,” he said. “Back in the day, Vegas definitely had a very specific connotation for us, and it was something we in the late ’60s and early ’70s were distancing ourselves from.” But an older, wiser James Taylor recognizes he’s no better than Lady Gaga. They’ve both done The Simpsons, after all. And in another move out of Gaga’s playbook, Taylor is recording an album of jazz standards. Why don’t you take her giant mech while you’re at it, James?

James Taylor Is Doing a Las Vegas Residency