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Juliette Binoche Is a ‘Shaman of Sperm’ in This High Life Clip

Claire Denis’s new film High Life is, in only the most basic terms, the story of a man (Monte, played by Robert Pattinson) and his baby daughter. To go a little further, Monte lives aboard a ship where he was previously subjected to sexual experiments, presided over by a doctor (Dibs, played by Juliette Binoche). The movie is dense enough that giving away more details would spoil the joy of processing it all, but Vulture does have an exclusive new clip to entice you before you head to the theater this weekend to check it out. In the scene above, Monte and Dibs exchange some incredible dialogue that is at once entirely dry, vaguely menacing, and soaked with weird sexual tension. Where else this year will you find Robert Pattinson calling a woman a “shaman of sperm,” with Juliette Binoche proclaiming “I am totally devoted to reproduction”? Nowhere! High Life, which also features André 3000 and Mia Goth, is now playing. Don’t miss out.

Juliette Binoche Is a ‘Shaman of Sperm’ in High Life Clip