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Kevin Hart Takes on an Extreme Job, Specifically the Korean Blockbuster Comedy Remake Kind

Photo: Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for The Wall Street Journal and WSJ. Magazine

Wingsuit flying and volcano boarding have held dominion over the term “extreme” for far too long. There are plenty of extreme things that aren’t sports. For example, taking over a fried chicken spot as a cover for your undercover investigation, only to have your fried chicken blow up and become the new “it” food. That’s the plot of South Korea action-comedy hit Extreme Job, which is as of now the country’s most successful comedy to date. According to Variety, Kevin Hart plans to develop and reportedly star in a remake of the 2019 film, which focuses on a unit of bumbling narcotics detectives whose front turns out chicken so delicious, it threatens the integrity of their investigation. In hilarious ways, of course. Girls Trip co-screenwriter Tracy Oliver is attached to write the screenplay, though based on the trailer, they can honestly probably just start casting.

Kevin Hart Takes on Extreme Job, the Korean Blockbuster Kind