A Romance Novel Based on Meghan Markle’s Mom Is Really Happening

Cover of Royal Party. Photo: Vulture

Sometimes, Twitter can make beautiful things happen. Romance writer Jasmine Guillory, known for The Proposal and The Wedding Date, found inspiration after a friend tweeted about her desperate need for a romantic novel about a single mom whose daughter was becoming a duchess, which just so happens to be the life story of Doria Ragland, mother of Meghan Markle. Guillory first volunteered to write the book as a joke, but after a few enthusiastic, all-caps tweets back and forth, she decided she’d actually do it for real. Titled The Royal Holiday, the novel will go on sale October 1. The author took to the inspirational platform to announce the steamy new book.

The novel follows Vivian Forest, a character first introduced in Guillory’s The Wedding Party. Her daughter is a stylist who takes Vivian along when she goes abroad to style a British royal. There, Vivian is smitten with Malcolm, the queen’s private secretary. With Vivian’s imminent return home, the romance has an expiration date, but does it really have to end? Either way, looks like we’ll have a new royal romance to swoon over.

Meghan Markle’s Mom Inspired Jasmine Guillory’s New Novel