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Mr. Robot’s Last Season Will, Of Course, Be ‘One Very Long Christmas Special’

Photo: USA Network/Peter Kramer/USA Network

When you think of a twinkly, sentimental British Christmas, what’s the first thing that springs to mind? That’s right: psychological techno-thriller Mr. Robot. According to series creator Sam Esmail, the show’s fourth and final season will hark back to traditional British sitcoms … by being one gigantic Christmas episode. “You know what they typically do at the end — like [in] the British Office — they tend to do a Christmas special,” Esmail told the audience at Tribeca Film Festival’s “A Farewell to Mr. Robot” event on Sunday. “And so the final season of Mr. Robot is one very long Christmas special. It’ll last over about a week over Christmas of 2015.”

As fans will remember, the USA series originally premiered in 2015, first dropping in May online and airing on the network a month later. Considering everything Mr. Robot has put Rami Malek’s Elliot Alderson through, he’s definitely going to have at least three weird guys busting up his holiday plans, and he’ll be lucky if any of them are benevolent Christmas ghosts.

Mr. Robot’s Last Season ‘One Very Long Christmas Special’