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This Game of Thrones Teaser Is Full of Spoilers — Just Kidding, It’s a Picture of a Sword

Someone please take pity on this poor sword and knit it a hat or something. It’s soooo cold! It’s living in a perpetual snowbank! Carnage is everywhere! The newest teaser for Game of Thrones’ final season doesn’t reveal much about, well, anything — unlike Maisie Williams — but it sure makes us feel sympathetic for a bunch of inanimate objects, swords or otherwise. (Flags are a close second. Feathers are a distant third.) Good thing the show took pity on us and released another teaser with a bit more action, which is mostly everyone worried about the impending war. “This goes beyond loyalty,” Jon Snow narrates, “it’s about survival.” April 14, come through!

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Game of Thrones Released a Very Moody, Very Vague Teaser