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The British Paparazzi Are Sad Prince Harry Won’t Hang Out With Them Anymore

Photo: David M. Benett/WireImage/Getty Images

Take your Pimm’s peace offering and shove it where the sun don’t shine, all you paparazzi out there, because Prince Harry doesn’t give two shites about being chums. With the birth of his first child with his wife, Suits goddess Meghan Markle, coming into the home stretch, the New York Times reports that the British paparazzi community is feeling a strong sense of scorn from the prince, whom they all considered to be a gossipy pal for decades. “Harry used to be the best of all of them,” a Sun photographer said. “We’d get together in a pub and we’d talk about everything, get it off our plate. It would be frank and open, and you never reported it. Now, it’s not even ‘Good morning.’ Nothing. He treats us just like telegraph poles now.” Telegraph poles! Got any other Britishisms up your sleeve, good man? “It’s the way Harry is at the moment,” he added, “he’s just got this bee in his bonnet that all the media are to be ignored.” Yikes!

This royal rejection accelerated after the Sussexes announced their decision to eschew a traditional hospital photo op after the birth of their child, which the Times says hasn’t happened in about half a century. (Markle’s definitely chill sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, did it for her three children.) The paparazzi also described Harry as being “sad” and “morose” of late, which, if you recall how his mother died and his openness about his own mental-health issues, should probably be a PSA for leaving Harry the hell alone.

Paparazzi Are Sad Prince Harry Won’t Hang With Them Anymore