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The Mass Firing of Agents Has Begun

Photo: Warner Bros

A stressful day for the Ari Golds of the world. After negotiations stalemated the Writers Guild of America and the Association of Talent Agents, the WGA called on its members to fire their agents unless their agency agreed to the new Code of Conduct. And writers, being writers, have been writing about that experience. Tweets and Instagram posts have been going up all weekend under the hashtag #IStandWithTheWGA, showing off the Guild-form kiss-off — and expressing feelings running from the gleeful (David Simon) to the rueful (Natasha Rothwell). Staffing season has sprung, and no one’s quite sure how shows are going to find their writers this year. The WGA has created a staffing portal for Guild members, and creators like Megan Amram have vowed to champion other writers in a show of solidarity. One way or another, words will come out of the mouths of your favorite TV characters in the fall.

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