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The Weirdest Part of Paul Rudd’s Date Story Is Some Girl Wasn’t Interested in Paul Rudd

In a way, hearing about Paul Rudd’s terrible, no good, very bad date from his twenties make us feel a little better about ourselves, although we still find it hard to believe that anyone would reject Vulture’s Sexiest Man Alive. But just for a laugh, shall we recap what caused this date to really go off the rails? Rudd decided to go on a double date with a buddy in his Jeep, and when it became clear neither woman was interested in them (????) they decided to try to one-up each other with pranks. It was a very bad idea.

“I thought it would be really funny if I was talking to my date, if I just stepped out and started running alongside the car,” Rudd recalled. “I was driving fast, obviously, but even if you’re driving slow, it’s really fast. I just stepped out of my car to run and I hit the pavement so hard and I heard the tire swoosh past my head. I looked up and saw my car going to a tree.” His date was, thankfully, able to work the emergency break and stop the car, thus thwarting a parallel universe where some other babe lead Clueless.

We Don’t Know Where to Start With Paul Rudd’s Bad Date Story